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1967 Custom Fastback

1968 Eleanor

1967 Eleanor

1967 Custom Fastback

In 2007 The Eleanor Recreation Project went from a dream to a reality for a team of classic car enthusiasts.  Since it’s beginning the team completed a 1967 Pepper Grey Eleanor, followed by a 1968 Black Eleanor, and most recent was a 1967 Custom “Blue Boss”.  The ultimate outcome from this group of dedicated workers is to provide A One of a Kind, High Quality Creation for those that appreciate fine automobiles.


When it comes to the actual workmanship, the best parts and components that are available on the market can be found in these vehicles.  All the mechanical, electrical and body work is completed by professionals with over 20 years of experience in the classic car restoration field.


The process for completing these Projects is as follows: the original body is used as the frame work, all rust is removed and the body is then transformed into A One Of A Kind Hot Ride.   The goal for this team has never wavered and that is to make a ride that shows off its high performance, classic look with modern features and so much more than an average show car.



Please feel free to look over the 1967 Eleanor, the 1968 Eleanor, and the custom 1967 Fastback.  We are confident that all the time, effort and experience that has gone into each one of these rides has resulted into a few of the best ever built.